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You’ve found the webpage for the MWCCS NCAB, the National Community Advisory Board for the MWCCS Study!

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A Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a collective group of study participants and organization representatives that provide community information and assistance to the research project. Each of the MWCCS study sites has a local CAB and study participants are encouraged to participate in order to help build and foster partnerships between researchers and local study communities impacted by HIV/AIDS.

This is the inaugural webpage for the NCAB and we’ve included content that we think will be of interest to our study participants. This includes the merger announcement of the MACS & WIHS NCABs into the new MWCCS NCAB, our first edition of the NCAB News, a video overview of Visit 101, and Study Perspectives, personal reflections about the study written by our members.


  • MWCCS Participant Thank You Video

NCAB Newsletters

Study Visit Updates

NCAB Organizational Documents

NCAB Scientific Presentations and Documents

Introduction to HIV Cure

NCAB Member Perspectives


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Last updated -9/7/2023