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You’ve found the webpage for the MWCCS NCAB, the National Community Advisory Board for the MWCCS Study. Viewers of this site may make the font size larger by  holding down the CTRL key and moving the mouse wheel up or down.

2024 looks to be another great year for the NCAB. We have 23 dedicated study participants on board, from 13 project sites across the nation, who are coming together to make the study participant experience better. We have both women and men on the Board and represent the diverse make-up of the overall study participants. A few things to know about us:

  • This year will mark an important milestone–the 40th anniversary of the start of the MACS study in 1984; 40 years and still going strong! The WHIS component of our study has been going since 1993.  Look for a celebration event towards the end of the year
  • Over 5,000 participants are currently active in the study, and the study is currently recruiting for new participants
  • As a community advisory board, we work with study leaders to provide oversight and ensure the participant experience is taken into consideration for various study components
  • We also perform advocacy on topics of interest to participants, such as an autopsy program that can help further the science of HIV
  • We are currently in wave 104 of visits and you can read more about what’s included below in the Study Visits Updates section

You can learn more about a Community Advisory Board, and specifically the MWCCS NCAB in the Announcements below.


  • A Community Advisory Board Defined: A Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a collective group of study participants and organization representatives that provide community information and assistance to the research project. Each of the MWCCS study sites has a local CAB and study participants are encouraged to participate in order to help build and foster partnerships between researchers and local study communities impacted by HIV/AIDS.
  • Welcome to the MWCCS Cohort
  • MWCCS Participant Thank You Video


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Last updated -3/20/2024