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There are 4,106 men and women enrolled in the MACS and WIHS studies that will soon transition to the MWCCS study. Participants come from all over the United States and have contributed over 35 years of interviews and samples to the study. Through sustained partnership with our participants, the MWCCS hopes to continue advancing research and knowledge about HIV comorbidities and to help improve the lives of those living with HIV.

The success of our study would not be possible without the tremendous effort and dedication of our participants. In the last three decades, there have been significant strides made in the treatment and prevention of HIV. These advancements are due in no small part to samples and data provided by participants in our study and many others. These samples and data allow us to research and further understand biomarkers of disease, the disease process, and other infections.

The MWCCS dedicates this website to our study participants for contributing their time and effort to the study. Their contributions have been invaluable to the WIHS and MACS, and to HIV research, for over 35 years. Their commitment inspires many.

Prospective participant: If you or someone you know are interested in joining our study, please see our Join Our Study page.

Current participant: If you are a current participant, please see our NCAB page with information specifically for current participants like a newsletter, resources, and a video about Visit 101.

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