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Psychosocial aspects of AIDS risk

Psychopharmacol Bull 1986

Ostrow, D.G., Joseph, J., Monjan, A., Kessler, R., Emmons, C., Phair, J., Fox, R., Kingsley, L., Dudley, J., Chmiel, J.S. and Van Raden, M.

The Women’s Interagency HIV Study. WIHS Collaborative Study Group

Epidemiology 1998

Barkan, S. E., Melnick, S. L., Preston-Martin, S., Weber, K., Kalish, L. A., Miotti, P., Young, M., Greenblatt, R., Sacks, H., Feldman, J. and Grp, WIHS Collaborative Study

The Changing Science of HIV Epidemiology in the United States

Am J Epidemiol 2019

Gypsyamber D'Souza, Elizabeth T Golub, Stephen J Gange

The Women’s Interagency HIV Study: an Observational Cohort Brings Clinical Sciences to the Bench

Clin Diagn Lab Immunol 2005

Bacon, M. C., von Wyl, V., Alden, C., Sharp, G., Robison, E., Hessol, N., Gange, S., Barranday, Y., Holman, S., Weber, K. and Young, M. A.

SARS-CoV-2: Vaccine Hesitancy among Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups with HIV in Miami, Florida

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2021

Deborah L Jones, Ana S Salazar, Violeta J Rodriguez, Raymond R Balise, Claudia Uribe Starita, Kristiana Morgan, Patricia D Raccamarich, Emily Montgomerie, Nicholas Fonseca Nogueira, Irma Barreto Ojeda, Marissa Maddalon, Nicolle L Yanes Rodriguez, Theodora Brophy, Thais Martinez, Maria L Alcaide

Cognitive profiles in perimenopause: hormonal and menopausal symptom correlates

Climacteric, 2021

M T Weber, L H Rubin, R Schroeder, T Steffenella, P M Maki

The shifting picture of HIV treatment, comorbidity and substance use among US MSM living with HIV

HIV Med, 2021

G D'Souza, L Benning, V Stosor, M D Witt, J Johnson, M Friedman, A G Abraham

Kidney tubule health scores and their associations with incident CKD in women living with HIV

HIV Med, 2021

S B Ascher, R Scherze, M M Estrella, A N Muiru, V K Jotwani, C Grunfeld, J Shigenaga, K A Spaulding, D K Ng, D Gustafson, A B Spence, A Sharma , M H Cohen, C R Parikh, J H Ix, M G Shlipak

Viral Suppression Is Associated with HIV Treatment Self-Efficacy in a Cohort of Women in Washington, DC

AIDS Patient Care STDS, 2021

Amanda Blair Spence, Katherine Michel, Cuiwei Wang, Mary Ann Dutton, Kathryn Lee, Daniel Merenstein, Lucile Adams-Campbell, Katheryn Bell, Anjali Kikkisetti, Allison Doyle, Mikayla Cochrane, Lakshmi Goparaju, Seble Kassaye

Expanding the Finnish Diabetes Risk Score for predicting diabetes incidence in people living with HIV

AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 2021

Karla I Galaviz, Michael F Schneider, Phyllis C Tien, Keri N Althoff, Mohammed K Ali, Igho Ofotokun, Todd T Brown

Obesity is associated with lower bacterial vaginosis prevalence in menopausal but not pre-menopausal women in a...

PLoS One, 2021

Elizabeth Daubert, Kathleen M Weber, Audrey L French, Dominika Seidman, Katherine Michel, Deborah Gustafson, Kerry Murphy, Christina A Muzny, Maria Alcaide, Anandi Sheth, Adaora A Adimora, Gregory T Spear

Characteristics Of The Macs-Wihs Combined Cohort Study: Opportunities For Research On Aging With Hiv In The...

Am J Epidemiol, 2021

Gypsyamber D'Souza, Fiona Bhondoekhan, Lorie Benning, Joseph B Margolick, Adebola A Adedimeji, Adaora A Adimora, Maria L Alcaide, Mardge H Cohen, Roger Detels, M Reuel Friedman, Susan Holman, Deborah J Konkle-Parker, Daniel Merenstein, Igho Ofotokun, Frank Palella, Sean Altekruse, Todd T Brown, Phyllis C Tien

Vestibular Impairments on Objective Diagnostic Tests in HIV+ Women and Control Men and Women

Laryngoscope, 2021

Helen S Cohen, Michael W Plankey, Haleh Sangi-Haghpeykar

Sex Differences in the Association Between Stress, Loneliness, and COVID-19 Burden among People with HIV in...

AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 2021

Deborah L Jones, Violeta J Rodriguez, Ana S Salazar, Emily Montgomerie, Patricia D Raccamarich, Claudia Uribe Starita, Irma T Barreto Ojeda, Laura Beauchamps, Andres Vazquez, Thais Martinez, Maria L Alcaide

Primary and secondary supportive partnerships among HIV-positive and HIV-negative middle-aged and older gay men

Public Library of Science, 2021

Matthew Statz, Deanna Ware, Nicholas Perry, David Huebner, Christopher Cox, Andre Brown, Steven Meanley, Sabina Haberlen, James Egan, Mark Brennan, Linda A Teplin, Robert Bolan, M Reuel Friedman, Michael Plankey