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Who We Are

MWCCS Leadership:

Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee (SC) is to discuss operational and scientific issues to be brought to the Executive Committee (EC) for consideration and to set the agenda for the CCS meetings. The group serves as an intermediary between the NIH representatives and the CCS EC.

The CCS Steering Committee is composed of:

  • Current and past EC Chair(s)
  • Two Clinical Research Site (CRS) representatives
  • Data Analysis and Coordination Center (DACC) PI representatives
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) co-funder representatives
  • National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) representative
  • Project Director (PD) representative

Executive Committee

The MWCCS leadership is governed by the Executive Committee (EC). The EC includes investigators from the MWCCS clinical sites and the MWCCS Data Analysis and Coordination Center (DACC), as well as National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) members and representatives from each of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsoring agencies.

The EC:

  • Determines the overall MWCCS research agenda
  • Guides Working Group research plans
  • Prioritizes Concept Sheet proposals
  • Evaluates and recommends the distribution of resources among the different components of the MWCCS
  • Oversees the core protocol and quality assurance initiatives

Data Management: MWCCS Data Analysis and Coordination Center (DACC)

The DACC, led by Principal Investigators Dr. Amber D’Souza, Dr. Stephen Gange, and Dr. Elizabeth Topper, is located at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland. The DACC is responsible for all aspects of data collection, reporting, and statistical analysis for the MWCCS. The DACC also designs and maintains the study databases, and provides centralized data management, as well as data management training.

Questions about the study can be submitted on our Contact Us page. The DACC cannot answer questions regarding employment opportunities and/or health conditions.

Clinical Research Sites (CRS)

Study participants enrolled in the MWCCS complete the study interview, laboratory testing, and exams at Clinical Research Sites (CRS) located throughout the United States. For more information about the CRS please visit our Study Locations page.