WDMAC Coordinating Team

WDMAC Coordinating Team

The WDMAC coordinating team handles all aspects of WIHS study coordination. For general WIHS questions, please contact WDMAC at JHSPH.wdmac@jhu.edu. For more specific inquiries, please see below.

WDMAC general email

  • New/revised abstracts, concept sheets and manuscripts for Executive Committee (EC) review/Forum posting
  • Project tracking updates

Christine Alden

  • Requests for access to the WIHS Administrative web site, Forum, and Apollo
  • Data/specimen request checklists for approved concept sheets

Jess Donohue

  • WIHS Archives and Searchable Publication Database
  • Abstracts, concept sheets (CS), and manuscripts (MSS)
  • Approval letters for EC-approved CS and MSS
  • WIHS letters of support for grant submissions
  • Co-author solicitation for EC-approved CS
  • WIHS EC meeting planning
  • WIHS social media

Eryka Wentz

  • Body habitus certifications
  • Interviewer evaluations
  • General repository questions
  • Working group and conference call participation
  • Conference call scheduling
  • Executive Committee conference call agenda items
  • IRB approvals and approved informed consent forms
  • Laboratory certifications