Data Collection Forms

Data Collection Forms

There are numerous data collection forms used in the WIHS, encompassing:

  • Interview-administered questionnaires
  • Physical and gynecological examinations
  • Specimen collection and processing
  • Outcomes ascertainment
  • Administrative
  • Miscellaneous substudy questionnaires

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A summary of the types of forms administered at core WIHS visits is provided below:

Data Collection Mechanism Domain Key Variables
Interview-administered questionnaires Sociodemographics Housing, employment, income, incarceration, educational experience
Health history Clinical symptoms, body habitus changes, AIDS-defining conditions, cancer, TB, biopsies, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, hospitalization, falls, broken bones, head injury
Medication use Use of individual therapies (ARV, OI, hepatitis, alternative, others), reasons for starting and stopping ARV medications, ARV dosing and adherence, vaccinations, PEP/PrEP use
OB/GYN Gynecological surgery, pregnancy, contraceptive use, infections and STDs, menopause, menopausal symptoms
Behavior Alcohol, drug use, sexual behavior, smoking
Health care utilization Primary care physician, health insurance, costs, engagement in care
Psychosocial MOS-HIV Quality of Life scale, CES-D depression scale, abuse and violence
Neurocognitive assessment Standard and Color Trail Making Tasks, Symbol Digit Modalities Task, Wide Range Achievement Test – version 3 (WRAT-3) Reading Recognition subtest, Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (WTAR), Word Accentuation Test (Spanish-speaking participants), Stroop Task, Hopkins Verbal Learning Test, Verbal Fluency, Letter Number Span, Grooved Pegboard, stress assessment
Physical and gynecological exams General Health Blood pressure & pulse, height, weight, breast exam, ankle brachial index, frailty assessment
Body habitus Anthropometry, bioelectric impedance analysis, lipodystrophy
Pelvic and lower genital tract Lesions, BV assessment, Pap smear, colposcopy
Specimens Local testing HIV ELISA/WB, CBC, T-cell subsets (3-color flow), pregnancy, liver/renal panels
Central testing HIV RNA (TaqMan with 20 copy/ml LLD), metabolic lipid/insulin/glucose panels, Pap smears
Repository Serum, plasma, PBMCs, cervical vaginal lavage (CVL)
Outcomes ascertainment Self-report AIDS, cancer, TB, depression, head injury, cardiovascular events, liver disease, other chronic disease conditions
Medical records Cancer, TB
Local registries Cancer, TB
National Death Index Death and cause of death
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