National Community Advisory Board

WIHS National Community Advisory Board

The WIHS National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) is an advisory committee comprised of study participants from each of the clinical sites, as well as a facilitator, Principal Investigator (PI) and Project Director (PD) representatives, and NIH sponsoring agency representatives. NCAB representatives are active in all levels of the study, including participation on working group conference calls and at the biannual scientific Executive Committee (EC) meetings. In addition, the NCAB holds conference calls every other month and meets annually.

The purpose and mission of the NCAB is to provide the WIHS community with relevant scientific, psychosocial and political information regarding HIV-related topics. The EC asks the NCAB for feedback on the validity and practicality of proposed study protocols and forms. New study concepts, manuscripts, and protocol changes are reviewed by the NCAB prior to implementation in the study. The NCAB develops strategies intended to encourage active participation in study visits and solicits feedback from participants about their research visits and healthcare priorities. NCAB members are true representatives of the WIHS community and provide insight on how best to obtain valid information from participants, thus improving WIHS data quality.

NCAB Members:
Chair: Jeanette Carter, Brooklyn
Co-Chair: Alicia Diggs, UNC

Lynn Murchison, NCAB Liaison, Bronx*
Erna Abu-Smail, Atlanta*
Jacqueline Bethel, Miami
Jennifer Cohen, San Francisco*
Felicia Edwards, Brooklyn
Lakshmi Goparaju, District of Columbia*
Adrienne Gould, San Francisco
Queen Hatfield, UAB-MS
Susan Holman, Brooklyn*
Tekeshia Jones, UNC*
MichelleAnn Joseph, Brooklyn*
Yevette Lindsey, District of Columbia
Venetra McKinney, UAB-MS*
Lynnell Minkin, San Francisco
Michael Plankey, District of Columbia*
Jennifer Quinonez, San Francisco*
Catalina Ramirez, UNC*
Nicaya Rapier, Chicago*
Denise Russo, NICHD*
Marta Santiago, Chicago
Nilsa Santiago, Bronx
Gerald Sharp, NIAID*
Sudha Srinivasan, NIAID*
Lauryn Taylor, Atlanta
Martha Williams, UAB-MS

*Not official members of the WIHS NCAB