Data Management

WIHS Data Management and Analysis Center

The Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS) Data Management and Analysis Center (WDMAC), led by Principal Investigators Dr. Stephen Gange and Dr. Elizabeth Golub, is located at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland. WDMAC is responsible for all aspects of data collection, reporting, and statistical analysis for the WIHS. WDMAC also designs and maintains the study databases, and provides centralized data management, as well as data management training.

WDMAC’s specific aims include:

  • To provide scientific leadership for the WIHS clinical research agenda by developing novel analytical methodology with a focus on cohort study informatics and survival analysis modeling; as well as characterizing the clinical epidemiology of HIV among WIHS women.
  • To optimize the contributions of the WIHS to the understanding of the pathogenesis and natural and treated history of HIV infection in women by serving as expert epidemiological and statistical collaborators with WIHS investigators on Executive Committee prioritized research projects; as well as initiating and sustaining successful scientific partnerships that leverage and utilize the full potential of WIHS data, specimens, and resources.
  • To coordinate research initiatives and scientific presentations; to facilitate communication amongst WIHS and external investigators, Working Groups and committees; to orchestrate study protocol and form revision; and to disseminate key scientific findings.
  • To maintain and refine the WIHS web-based data management system and to continue systems for tracking the storage and transfer of biological specimens at national repositories, produce annual public data sets, and conduct training in methods that facilitates the appropriate use of study data for local research.
  • To continue our quality assurance program in partnership with the clinical sites that integrates expertise in data management, study coordination, statistical methodology, and scientific disciplines. This program will continue to monitor study-wide quality and promote adherence and training for standardized data collection.

WDMAC Contacts:

Principal Investigators: Stephen Gange, PhD and Elizabeth Golub, PhD

Project Director: Christine Alden, BA

Assistant Project Coordinator: Eryka Wentz, MA

Senior Research Program Coordinator: Jess Donohue, MA

Research Assistant: Manda Barry, BA

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