CKiD Calculators

CKiD Under 25 (U25) GFR estimating equations

Two formulas intended for use with children, adolescents and young adults 1-25 years old are provided here: one based on height and creatinine, the other based on cystatin C. Both formulas require age and sex to be specified. If only height and serum creatinine are available, the former calculator will be used; if only cystatin C is available, the later will be used. If height, serum creatinine and cystatin C are provided, estimates using each of the two formulas will be displayed.

This calculator is derived from Pierce et al. 2021.

The U25 Calculator is also available as an online and mobile app through Calculate by QxMD.
To access the U25 calculator in the Calculate app, you will need to navigate to :

  • Nephrology
  • then “eGFR
  • and then click on “CKiD U25 eGFR calculator

U25 Statistical Software

Researchers may download the files below to implement U25 GFR estimation in R, SAS, STATA and Excel.

Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease Risk Calculator

This calculator provides estimated times to when a patient may require renal replacement therapy or when their current glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreases by 50%. These estimates are based on a panel of variables from a patient’s current visit and their visit approximately one year prior. The tool requires general information (age, sex, diagnosis), markers of kidney disease (GFR, proteinuria), blood pressure, blood chemistry panels (albumin, lipids, anemia) and medications (ACEi/ARB therapy). It is intended to aid clinicians in managing kidney disease for pediatric patients.

This calculator is derived from Warady et al. 2015.

Estimating Time to ESRD in Children with CKD

This calculator can be used to estimate time to ESRD in children with CKD using diagnosis, GFR, and urine protein-to-creatinine ratio.

This calculator was developed based on Furth et al. 2018