About CKiD

The CKiD Study is a NIH-funded, multicenter, prospective cohort study of children aged 6 months to 16 years with mild to moderate impaired kidney function. The primary goals of CKiD are to determine the risk factors for decline in renal function and to define how progressive decline in renal function impacts biomarkers of risk factors for cardiovascular disease; neurocognitive function and behavior; and growth failure and its associated morbidity. Two clinical coordinating centers (CCCs) (at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City), a central biochemistry laboratory (at the University of Rochester), and a data coordinating center (at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) formed a cooperative agreement to conduct the CKiD Study.

Study Aims

The specific aims are to:

Clinical Coordinating Centers

Data Coordinating Center

Central Laboratories

Central Repositories