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Study Aims

Aim 1: To recruit and retain 2,000 reproductive age women living with, and at risk for, HIV representative of the Southern epidemic into a longitudinal cohort study to enable science in areas relevant to contemporary reproductive age women with HIV (WWH) in a robust research platform.

Sub-aim 1.1: To examine HPV prevalence and HPV vaccination in WWH, including comparison of HPV
type-specific prevalence in vaccinated versus unvaccinated women.

Aim 2: To assess the incidence and prevalence of depression by key sociodemographic and psychosocial factors, and individual and community-level social determinants of health, and its impact on HIV and reproductive health outcomes among reproductive age WWH. We will also use a novel statistical modeling approach to explore the potential impact of specific depression interventions on the same outcomes.

Aim 3: To assess the effects of HIV factors, pregnancy, and social determinants of health on oral health; and determine if the biological changes (oral microbiota and inflammation) occurring in periodontal disease are associated with systemic inflammation and pregnancy outcomes among WWH. We will prospectively collect data and oral exams. In pregnant WWH, we will investigate the effects of periodontal disease, oral microbiota/ inflammation on systemic inflammation and pregnancy outcomes.

Sub-Study Aims (NIH/CDC supplements)

Aim 1: Prevalence and incidence of genital and extra genital STIs

Aim 2: HPV vaccine uptake and vaccine-specific sub-type prevalence

Aim 3: Oral viral, microbiome, and inflammatory markers analysis among Aim 3 participants

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