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MACS Forms
                      The majority of forms require Acrobat Reader. Free download

If you are using Netscape to access this page, and are having trouble opening or downloading the Word Perfect files, try holding down the SHIFT key when you click on the Word Perfect link. This will allow you to save the file to your computer and then open it.

Administrative Forms:
  • Data Set Transmission Forms: Acrobat (Single file / Multiple files)

  • Collaboration Concept Sheet: *
             MS Word               WordPerfect              PDF (Not for submission, but changes from previous version are highlighted)
    This form is intended for use for all collaborations, whether the initiative is to combine data from both MACS and WIHS or for just the MACS study. Click to see MACS Publication Policy or how to comply with NIH Open Access Policy

  • * If lymphoblastic cell lines are requested, the NIH AIDS Research and Reference Reagent Program requires all investigators to be registered prior to receiving samples. Registration materials and instructions can be found on the Reagent Program web site.

  • Restricted Use of MACS Specimens:
             Acrobat            MS Word            WordPerfect 
    This form is to be completed for MACS participants that have refused consent for stored specimens to be used to establish a cell line, for possible commercial value, or for other reasons that may evolve over the course of the study.

Data Collection Forms:

Effective January 18, 2011, the variable visit number suffix was changed from 2 digits (i.e., VARIABLE_54) to a 3 digit suffix (i.e., VARIABLE_054) and affects ALL visit questionnaire variables from the first visit onward, excluding NP Waves 1 - 10.

  • Event   ( Acrobat Reader required )