WIHS Leadership

WIHS Leadership (Executive Committee)

The WIHS leadership is governed by the Executive Committee (EC). The EC includes investigators from the WIHS clinical sites and the WIHS Data Management and Analysis Center (WDMAC), as well as National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) members and representatives from each of the National Institutes of Health sponsoring agencies.

The EC determines the research priorities of the WIHS and directs its scientific activities. The EC:

  • Determines the overall WIHS research agenda
  • Guides Working Group research plans
  • Reviews and prioritizes Concept Sheet proposals
  • Evaluates and recommends the distribution of resources among the different components of the WIHS
  • Oversees the core protocol and quality assurance initiatives

Executive Committee Members:
Chair – Phyllis Tien, San Francisco
Vice Chair – Margaret Fischl, Miami
Ada Adimora, UNC
Maria Alcaide, Miami
Christine Alden, WDMAC
Sean Altekruse, NHLBI
Kathryn Anastos, Bronx
Brad Aouizerat, San Francisco
Hancy Brignol, Miami
Robert Burk, Collaborator
Zenoria Causey, UAB-MS
Nahida Chakhtoura, NIH
Jennifer Cohen, San Francisco
Mardge Cohen, Chicago
Geraldina Dominguez, NCI
Julie Dumond, UNC
Michelle Estrella, San Francisco
Rachael Farah-Abraham, Atlanta
Antonina Foster, Atlanta
Audrey French, Chicago
Stephen Gange, WDMAC
Elizabeth Golub, WDMAC
Lakshmi Goparaju, District of Columbia
Ruth Greenblatt, San Francisco
Gregory Greenwood, NIMH
Deborah Gustafson, Brooklyn
Nancy Hessol, San Francisco
Howard Hoffman, NIDCD
Susan Holman, Brooklyn
Richard Jenkins, NIDA
Deborah Jones Weiss, Miami
Robert Kaplan, Bronx
Seble Kassaye, District of Columbia
Mirjam-Colette Kempf, UAB-MS
Deborah Konkle-Parker, UAB-MS
Alan Landay, Chicago
Pauline Maki, Chicago
Margaret McDonald, UAB-MS
Rosemary McKaig, NIAID
Venetra McKinney, UAB-MS
Dan Merenstein, District of Columbia
Lisa Metsch, Miami
Joel Milam, Los Angeles
Howard Minkoff, Brooklyn
Minh Ly Nguyen, Atlanta
Igho Ofotokun, Atlanta
Marion Peters, San Francisco
Lisa Rahangdale, UNC
Catalina Ramirez, UNC
Nadia Roan, San Francisco
Denise Russo, NICHD
Nilsa Santiago, NCAB
Anjali Sharma, Bronx
Gerald Sharp, NIAID
Anandi Sheth, Atlanta
Kemi Sosanya, Bronx
Howard Strickler, Bronx
Kehmia Titanji, Atlanta
Janet Turan, UAB-MS
David Vance, UAB-MS
Vasundhara Varthakavi, NIDA
Chia-Ching Wang
Kathleen Weber, Chicago
Carolyn Williams, NIAID
Martha Williams, NCAB
Tracey Wilson, Brooklyn
Gina Wingood, Atlanta